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selling your diamond set jewellery?

selling your diamond set jewellery?

selling your gold or silver jewellery?

selling your gold or silver jewellery?

selling your gold silver or platinum?

selling your gold silver or platinum?

selling your quality watches?

selling your quality watches?

cash for diamonds buy complete jewellery collectionsWherever you got your jewellery from: Argos or Asprey's, from Hinds to Harrods, we are keen to buy it!

If you have jewellery you no longer wear, you can make the most of its potential value and sell your jewellery! Unlike many other gold buyers, we endeavour to pay a premium price for diamond and gem set jewellery. Why leave unwanted jewellery lying around, or pay to store and insure it?

Cash for Diamonds is a part of Mann Jewellers, who have been buying and selling jewellery in Gloucestershire since 1741 and thousands of satisfied customers have used our services over the years.

It's not just diamonds either..... Cash for Diamonds will also buy platinum jewellery, silver jewellery, scrap gold and watches.We will buy watches from manufacturers including: Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Gucci, Omega, Longines, Corum, Tissot, Tag-Heuer and others… if in doubt ask!

Of particular interest to us are gold pocket watches. If you are looking to sell any new, pre-owned diamond, gold or silver items, or any vintage or antique jewellery please either come into one of our shops or contact us.
cash for diamonds buy all diamond set jewelleryWhy sell your treasured articles to be melted for scrap when Cash for Diamonds can pay you a good price for the item and it can become someone else’s treasure!

So you want to sell your items but not for scrap? You have come to the right place; Cash for Diamonds!

A lot of our customers want to release the value of their jewellery assets but don’t want to send them by post to an anonymous company that will melt them down only for the scrap value. We buy many of these items and endeavour to re-sell them, not for scrap, but as they were designed – objects to be cherished.

You then have the satisfaction of knowing that someone else is now enjoying the item and you are free to spend the cash on something you want.

Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by the higher price of our offers when compared to online or postal companies so either contact us or bring your items to one of our local shops and see what we can offer you!
cash for diamonds buy complete jewellery setsIt couldn’t be easier!
Bring your jewellery into one of our branches, get an immediate offer* and walk away with cash today!

Please bring ID with you, so that we can process your payment right away.
With the increase in the price of both gold and diamonds, there is no better time to sell!
*Occasionally our gold buyers may be busy elsewhere, so if you are making a special trip, please phone first to check.
fp3 smlOver 2,500 satisfied customers used our services last year!...

"I can’t believe I got so much money for my broken jewellery and single earrings!" 

"It is nice to know there are still honest businesses around"

"How much???." 

"Mann's is always my first choice when selling jewellery. The staff are always courteous and helpful; prices are fair, deals are completed quickly and efficiently." Mrs S

Why not join these customers and bring your items to Cash for Diamonds for valuation!

Selling your jewellery , diamonds, gold, silver, platinum or quality watches for the best prices is as easy as 123...


Why risk sending your items in the post and then waiting? - Bring them to our local shop and walk out with your CASH today!!

we buy ALL diamond & gem-set jewellery .....

  • diamond & gem-set jewellery
  • rings
  • brooches
  • ear rings
  • pendants
  • pearls
  • vintage jewellery
  • quality watches
  • cufflinks
  • necklaces
  • some designer jewellery
  • antique jewellery
  • diamond tennis bracelets
  • diamonds

if you're not sure, just contact us for friendly, free advice.

we buy gold silver and platinum including .....

  • dental gold
  • tangled chains & bracelets
  • platinum
  • gold & scrap gold
  • gold bars
  • sovereigns
  • krugerrands
  • rings
  • broken watches
  • gents’ chains
  • cufflinks
  • foreign gold
  • bangles
  • single or pairs of earrings

why send your gold away when we can pay you cash today!

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